Be brave be bold be daring
Whatever you are being, “just be”
Be here and be now, be in the moment
And you will know where to go from here.
Welcome to my page
Welcome to my dream, my fantasy, my work
Welcome to where I have been moving to my whole life
And now you’re here too
I’m so happy you’ve joined me here.
Rosemary J Robson, author of Ilsa and Bear's Bangs, children's book
Ilsa and Bear's Bangs by Rosemary J Robson, children's book

Ilsa and Bear’s Bangs

I’m sorry to say; in fact, very reluctant to tell you that, because you picked up this book to read, your life will never again be the same.

I am reluctant because I know your resistance, and I know how much you want things to stay the same. I am reluctant because I know how much work I have caused myself because of your resistance. You need to read this story because it is the first in a series of the most astounding fables.

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